Hi brothers and sisters, hope everyone of you is doing great.

Seems yesterday, but at the same time 10 years ago, since the last time we provided informations through this page.⠀And I’m here to confirm something that many of you have already realized, probably even before me; It’s hard to accept, but 786 will no longer be a Record Label.⠀As many one of you probably understood, from 2021 to 2023 something changed, and our oiled machine has precipitously lost its functionality.⠀COVID slowed everything, as much as Brexit; a few days after it became really, we lost the full amount of 786MK001 copies sent to distributor causing the worst financial damage possible. We had to move 2 times after pandemic, our distributor officially closed, our pressing plant doubled prices and gave us crazy timings.

Last but not least, lot of things changed in my life, personally, work-wise, and has been impossible for me to continue managing everything without a defined organizational chart.

If you’re not into it, it’s hard to understand what means run a label alone.

I’ve managed for the whole time the 786 mail contacts, orders which I’ve packed one by one, labeled and shipped, but also managed contacts with artists, pressing plants, distributors, mastering houses, accounting, photoshoots, graphics and everything related to the label. Of course, a couple friends gave me an hand with logistics, especially with shippings, but it’s not enough when your life changes completely and you have no way to do this full time and properly as before.

Has been and hard choice, we’ve been silent for nearly two years because I’ve always had a glimmer of hope that we could start releasing again, but fact is, that is impossible in these conditions. Who knows, maybe in the future, but not today.

The website will be shortly taken down, and same for the digital distribution. Still to be discussed with the roster but the idea is of creating a Bandcamp and upload the releases there as free download.

Also, some MK001 copies are left in stock, because after UPS lost the whole batch, we had to repress everything; a good batch has been unsold and probably we’ll put them available sometime in the future for a reasonable price, alongside the inventories.

For all the customers, everything has been sent during the last few years, but if you’re still waiting for your copy for some reason, please write us directly via mail and if your purchase has been made via Express Courier and not Ordinary Postmail we’ll figure out a way to track your pack.

At this point, after doing some quick math, I can easily say we’ve made it properly.

10 vinyl releases in less than 2 years, having the chance to release music from some good old friends, rising artists and true legends, who’ll forever be part of our family.

Yes, because 786 is a family and forever will be.

Much love goest to Phossa, Iskeletor, 3WA, Saanen, Sabasonik, EKSTR and Dalek One, and the whole guys who contributed to the MK001 Compilation, Quasar, nova, Saule, Centauri, Teffa, Sound Unknown and Mr.K.

Much love goes to everyone of you, supporting 786 since day 0 and beyond.

And remember, we are not releasing music anymore, but 786 will be forever a living entity and we’ll try to make our brand alive in some way.

Much Love

7864EVER 🏴‍☠️